Teaching Careers

Teaching is quickly becoming the field of choice for thousands of new graduates every year. If you have compassion and a desire to influence the next generation of learners, a career in education may be a good match for you. Just like any field, there are a variety of different jobs in the education industry. Here are some positions to consider if you are thinking of going into teaching.

Ways to Begin a Teaching Career

  • Instructional Assistant

    If you want to get into the education field quickly without having to take a long list of certification classes, try becoming an instructional assistant. Instructional assistants work alongside teachers and assist students in their learning. In most cases, you can earn a solid hourly wage along with benefits. Instructional assistants work in all levels of education, so you’ll have plenty of job opportunities available.

  • Preschool Teacher

    Educators who thrive while working with the newest learners should consider being a preschool teacher. These early years of learning are essential in a child’s educational career. You can also become certified as a Montessori teacher to gain an advantage over other applicants in the field. After completing your training, you’ll be able to confidently apply to the top preschools in your area.

  • Elementary Level Education

    Elementary teachers continue to be in demand around the country. Teachers at this level must have solid skills in mathematics and literacy so they can be great role models to their students. Additionally, they’ll also be responsible for teaching other subjects throughout the day, such as health, science, social studies, and spelling. There are plenty of public and private options for the elementary grades.

Secondary Educator

If you have a strong interest in one subject, it may be best to seek employment as a secondary educator. Once you get certified, you’ll be able to work in either middle school or high school. Secondary educators also teach at the community college level. Choosing the right position in education is a great way to focus your preparation and get ready for an exciting journey.